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Lee Nutbean is an international artist working at the transdisciplinary intersections of art and computation, across academia, research and the creative industries. His work explores the evolution of smart networked technologies through the participatory design of provocative prototypes, that elicit, process and respond to inspirational data. These electronic ecologies culturally probe the dynamic networks within and between corporeal and viral spaces, to reveal new phenomena that confront, question and push new digital practices.

Recent activity:


Race* (Exhibition), 'RACE', AiOP 16 (Art in Odd Places), Manhattan, New York, US
Faux pas (Exhibition), 'Identity', Paraflows.X1, Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien, Vienna, AT
Race* (Exhibition), '3459', Flux Factory, Long Island City, New York, US
Faux pas (Performance) (Exhibition), 'Does Live Art Have To Be Experienced Live?', SOIL Gallery, Seattle, US
Faux pas (Performance), 'Unnoticed Art Festival #2', Nijmegen, NE
Xenomemory (Exhibition), 'Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology', Orlando, Florida, US
Faux pas (Intervention), 'International Conference on Live Interfaces', Sussex University, Brighton, UK
Faux pas (Exhibition), 'Proximties', Hamilton Artists Inc, Hamilton, Ontario, CA
TIWWA (This Is Where We Are) (Exhibition), Collaboration i-DAT + Tate Collective, Tate Modern Switch House, London, UK
Faux Pas (Artist Talk), 'Cultural R>evolution', ISEA16 (International Symposium on Electronic Art), Hong Kong, CN
Faux Pas (Exhibition), 'DADA LIVES!', UC Blue Ash Gallery, Cincinnati, US
Faux Pas (Exhibition), 'FONLAD: Video and Performance Art Festival', Coimbra, PT
Faux Pas (Performance), 'Staging Realities', FOOT16 (Festival of Original Theatre), Toronto, CA
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